Five Things I’ve Learned from Our First Year of Being School Free.


1. Nothing beats living for learning …(my learning through life mission has come true) It was amazing discovering the Inuksuk with my daughter, through sharing and exploring an amazing book. It was even more amazing to find Inuksuk that other people had formed with mountain rocks, while mountain hiking. My daughter made her ‘welcome guy’ out … [Read more…]



This freestyle schooling trend is great and lovely in philosophy, but in reality, an idealistic waste of a child’s time and intelligence. Right? You can’t have a nine year old swanning about, dreamily playing with random pretty bits and pieces when she should be learning her times tables. Where’s the value in her playing with … [Read more…]

Paint Your Path.


I’ll watch you paint your own path and I’ll know, It may get messy, your wings may curl, your frame may tear, But you know your own style,and with your own brush you’ll mend, find your flair, Then one day, when your own true style is strong, I’ll see this space,and find you gone.   … [Read more…]