Hi, I’m Linda,

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a writer, early childhood and arts teacher, children’s poet and mum, here to share about finding yours, and your children’s, natural ways to learn and be. My professional homes have been in Montessori and Reggio (and in print), but like my children, I have quit formal schooling to tread a more natural path.

Children have taught me many things, including:

  1. the world is AMAZING,

  2. what might be right for others isn’t always right for me, (one size doesn’t fit all).

My own two children (the loveliest teachers a mum could have) are giving me my parenting degree. I call these two humans ‘mine’ but really, they are their own. I respect these two people so very much, which is why I have chosen to parent and educate in natural ways, that are respectful to them. Going school free has been just the start of freeing our family to live a more natural, authentic, inspired life.

What brings you here? Are you on a similar path?

Thank you so much for visiting my site.

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