Why You Need Fresh Air.

“It’s opener there, in the open air.” DR. SEUSS.


Sometimes, you need to come up for some fresh air.

You stand before an ocean of stuff. The haters are piling in with their judgements, and you judge yourself harder than any of them could. Self doubt. Overwhelm. Stifle. Sometimes you don’t feel the glut bubbling up around you until it overflows. But it’s there, and we’ve all been there.

It’s at those times when it all seems too much and this ‘me’ feels inadequate, that I need fresh air. Physically, not just metaphorically. Real, outside in unpolluted nature, fresh air.

We’ve all felt that sense of bravery at the beach. It’s not an accident, it’s science. Humans are a part of nature, so we’re only whole beings when we let nature in. Spending time in clean, fresh air revitalises your spirit, body and mind. It gets that serotonin magic flowing. The act of communing with nature sustains us. We need it. That truth is never more prevalent than when you’re standing inside an ocean of fear, confusion and doubt. At those times, you need a different kind of ocean. One that is definitely bigger than you and your overwhelm.

And guess what? This beautiful ocean? You are a part of it. See how perfect it is? This beautiful ocean also holds you. You are that worthy.

In case you didn’t catch that: you are worthy.

If you’ve lost sight of that then it’s definitely time to go outside and clear your head. How can you make any decisions, let alone decisions about your self worth, inside a stuffy headspace? Sound thinking is informed by perspective. Nature gives you that. Your cognitive self will light up at the touch of your mother planet, and her fresh air.

Time in nature is your birthright.

You were born of this earth, and you get to converse with its infinite wisdom.

Don’t let the fake stuff get you. The ‘to dos’, the expectations, the comparisons. Don’t let the fake ‘you’ get you – the one you’ve constructed in your overwhelm. When you unplug and de-shoe, when you touch this all sustaining planet that you are a part of, you’ll be closer to your true path, your true worth and bravery. You’re more likely to know your own mind, too.

That’s why I make most of my decisions at the beach. Including decisions about my self worth and capabilities. Nature clarifies my values, my realities, my physical and spiritual migrations in this life. It teaches me to forget the stuffy routines, and to live. The way nature intended.

You don’t have to go all school free and off grid, like me. But without wanting to sound preachy, I do believe we all need to go outside for fresh air. As a matter of routine.

Remember your place in nature, and nature’s place in you. Remember ‘you’. Remember to breathe fresh air.


From me and the sea.




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