Top 10 Items on my Toxin-Free Bucket List.

If you’ve read my posts about going grain-free and organic in the pantry, you’ll know I’ve done this gradually, because I’m prone to overwhelm. You’ll also know that the more I looked into forging a toxin-free diet for my family, the more I realised that all other toxins would have to go, too. I can’t abide living with them. They’re dangerous, for humans and earth.

So far, I’ve bought a Royal Berkey water filter, to detox our drinking water. I’ve stopped using shampoo, and now clean my hair with safe, plant-based, shampoo alternatives. My children have chosen to go no-shampoo too. I started using nature-based, safer skincare products—but I soon want to make my own. I want to be certain that what goes onto my skin is organic, ethically grown, and safe. And fragrance free. I’ve ditched all cleaning products except detergent and washing powder, and they’re next on the list.

With all of that in mind, here’s my next to buy list for a toxin-free home:

1. Soap Nuts.

As if it wasn’t enough magic for me to learn that chocolate grows on trees, I’ve now learned that washing powder grows on trees too! In the form of berries. You can read about soap nuts on the 1 million women website.

Soap nuts grow on the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, in biodegradable shells, and are also known as the Indian soapberry. (According to Wiki.)

I’m a bit excited about their chemical free cleansing properties. In Australia, I’ve found a supplier here. And I’ve made my order, so I’m underway with my first bucket list item.

2. Essential Oils.

Synthetic fragrances are harmful to humans. Essential oils with their delicious smelling aromas, are a harm-free fragrance alternative. They’re great to add to hand-made skin and body-care alternatives. I used to do this in my twenties, before I earned enough money to buy expensive brands of skin and body care. Now, it’s back to the good stuff.

Essential oils are useful in chemical free cleaning and polishing, repelling insects, and detoxing your stress levels. I want some, and I want to learn more about how to use them, and their healing properties. Even more exciting for this Aussie is finding Australian essential oils. I want to learn more about this range, and I’ll give the more well-known global essential oils a go, too. Aromatherapy guides, here I come.

3. A Lemon Tree.

Drinking a daily glass of water + half a squeezed lemon helps eliminate toxins from your body. 

Lemon is also a good ingredient for handmade cleaning products. I like squeezing a touch of lemon juice and vinegar into the sink every so often, to keep the pipes clean.

I use lemons daily, and I buy them lots. And so, I want a lemon tree. Even a little one. It will be a good exchange: I’ll care for the tree, while it cares for me.

4. A Veggie Patch.

I can proudly say that this item is underway, too. Our 6 by 6 metre front lawn is gone, ready for transformation into raised, hopefully lush, food-garden beds.

For me, the first reason for growing my own vegetables is to have fresh, organic food for our family. The second reason is that the cost of buying organic vegetables is huge when we aren’t able to get to the farmers’ markets—and adds up, even when we do. We’ve set up a rainwater tank to minimise the costs of watering (to us, and the planet), and we figure; the more we grow, the less we have to buy and therefore spend.

The third reason is to re-connect with earth. We’re actively connecting back with nature in our lifestyle choices. The process of growing and harvesting in dirt is a good form of getting back to nature, and remembering our place in it. If everyone grew their own on their own small patch, we’d have less ground lying dormant, and less greenery replaced with pavements.

The fourth reason is that it gives us a great reason to plant bee-attracting flowers, and do our bit to help save the bees. 

5. A Bee Hive.

This bucket list item will take me a bit more research yet. I’m looking forward to doing some enjoyable research by reading Bees Make the Best Pets, by Jack Mingo. I buy my raw honey from a family member who keeps beehives, but since seeing this awesome documentary on beekeeping, we’ve become interested in accommodating our own suburban honeybees.

We do have an off-grid plot that bees might like, but we haven’t built on it. We’ve decided not to just yet. We’re on a mission to practice sustainability in suburbia. Imagine if everyone did. How much of a buzz would that be for our crisis-stricken planet?

“You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.”

John Lennon

6. Glass and Stainless-Steel Containers.

To be honest, this is not something I want to do. Replacing our toxic plastic containers for quality glass and stainless-steel alternatives sounds like an expensive and tedious way to spend time. I’d rather be drinking organic red wine: from a glass, of course.

It’s more correct to say that I want glass and stainless-steel storage for food and handmade body care. Not plastic. And that I want all of our toxin-ridden plastic tubs gone. Let’s just say it’s on my bucket list of things I want done!

7. A T-Shirt Made From An Organically and Ethically Grown, Natural Fibre.

Okay, I want to overhaul my whole closet, to be toxin-free. And my family’s closets. But, small steps. My pantry cleanse began with a glass of wine. My closet cleanse will begin with a t shirt. One t shirt, hand-made or bought. For myself, my husband, and each of my children.

8. A Shower Filter.

Here in suburbia, we’re on mains water. Which means that every time we shower, we’re washing in chemicals, and these chemicals find their way into our body. I’d like to filter as many of the chemicals out of our shower experience as possible.

I enjoyed this article about water filters, from wellness mama. To be honest, I’m still undecided (and erm, slipping into overwhelm) about which sort of shower filter might be the best. I bought my drinking water filter from these guys, so I might start there; and hopefully some more research and asking around will filter out the confusion. I’ll keep you posted!

9. A Food Dehydrator.

Instead of store-bought dried fruit snacks, I’d like to make our own, from fruit we’ve grown (we have 5 fruit trees in our garden), and from organic fruit we buy.

I’d also like to make veggie chips, and to know that our dried fruit and veggie snacks are prepared without sulphur, or other preservatives.

10. An Elephant.

Because, that would be thinking outside of the plot, wouldn’t it? And I believe that many of our conditionings are toxins, limiting us from our connection with this beautiful earth, and from releasing our instincts into the freedom of conscious thoughts and actions.

With that in mind, I’d like a free elephant please. Not one in captivity.

Yes, the tenth and final item on my toxin-free bucket list is a free elephant. And guess what? I looked into it, and it is possible to sponsor an elephant, or donate to giving them refuge from the dangerous toxins elephants face: humans.

I’m interested in fulfilling this last bucket list item by donating to the plight of elephants through World Wildlife Fund. Here’s the Australian link.

There’s no affiliate link. There’s a very slim link between elephants and toxin-free living, but I’ll take it. It’s all about filtering out the harm, and re-connecting with nature.

Yours in the free world.


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