Anyone else not want their one short life to be a continuum of daily grind?

Hello and welcome. I’m a school free mum living free of my conditioning, and other toxins. I write about living intentionally, sustainably, close to nature; reclaiming your time, and eating real food.

If you’re looking to live simply, the way nature intended, then this blog might resonate.

A Little About Me

I was a typical suburbanite, always dreaming about When and One Day.

One day, I decided to create my own One Day.

I quit my job. I pulled my kids out of school. I gave up the grains and toxins that are poisoning westerners with diseases like the one that, three years ago, nearly killed my son. You can read more about that and my family’s story here if you like.

My family and I bought an off grid plot. We decided to go troppo, even though we live in the driest state of the driest continent on earth.

Trust me, it’s still possible to go troppo, reclaim your life, your health, and your time with those who you love; even in a less than lush location.

Our plot is an hour and a half from suburbia. A few steps from a river. Twenty or so minutes drive from the sea. And miles from the mortgage and the life we used to lead. The one that left me with no time with my kids or lover (who also happens to be my husband-handy!), no spare cash, no time or mindset for physical and emotional health, and no freedom.

I’ve worked hard to free my mind. To rid myself of the social conditioning that has held me back from living an authentic, fulfilling life.

Going Troppo

You might not want to go troppo. Or you might be a far more skilled troppo veteran than me.  Maybe you’re in between. Or considering going grain-free, organic, toxin-free, off-grid, school-free or all of these. Whatever your journey, if you’ve found my little blog, I’m guessing that something here resonates, and I hope that the shells of experience I share will help you in some way.

Some of the shells I share freely here might crack, or be cracked from the start, because I share my mistakes too. I hope they help or guide in some way, just as much as my successes.

Thank you so much for connecting to my blog. You can contact me at

I’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you freedom in your journey.


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