There was a trigger for this mainstream suburban mama choosing alternative everything,  and going troppo.

Three years ago, I stood in ICU at the bed of my first born child. He’d been thin, throwing up and screaming in pain. An ambulance rushed him to what I thought was sure safety.

I was wrong.

24 to 48 hours would tell if he lived or died. That’s the news that made my face pale as I stood by my beloved boy’s emergency bed, with medics everywhere, speaking low.

He lived. Three days in ICU and a further week in hospital and we brought him home.



Utter relief.

And then, mixed with the happy emotions: grief.

My boy is now diagnosed with a lifelong, incurable, autoimmune disease.

Our school free story starts before that. But that awful time was the trigger for my husband and I being hell bent on choosing a healthy, authentic, simple life for our family. After two years of shell shock, and learning to live with autoimmune disease; we have shoved our fears and conditioning in the wheelie-bin, and are packing boxes in our suburban bricky. For life on our off grid plot.

If you want to live with simple pleasures, the way nature intended, but are straight out of mainstream suburbia like me; then we have some huge life values and experience in common.

If you believe our western diet is killing us, and feel overwhelmed about cleansing your pantry, and your life;

you might relate to this little blog of mine.

If you feel trapped by other people’s schedules, and the demands of a money based society, you might like to join me in finding a freer way of living. And some fresh air.

I hope that some of what you find on this blog helps you to live YOU:



A Little Summary of About Me’s:

I’m a School Free Mamma

I was a teacher. I quit school. My children were schooled until they were in years 4 and 6. I helped them quit too. We’re all school free.

I’m Organic

In more ways than one. We made the switch to buying organic food. It was financially and logistically tricky. Now we’re launching into growing our own. My life is organic and constantly changing while I navigate a freer, more wholistic lifestyle.

I’ve Gone Grain-Free

Eliminating wheat from my family’s diet was a huge deal. Grain-free was and is an even huger challenge. Sometimes, I am one overwhelmed mamma. I’m finding ways not to be. I hope I can help you curb some overwhelm too. Or at least, not worry about it too much.

I’m Madly in Love with my Family and Earth.

This is a personal blog so I share my personal story. I don’t share too much super personal information or photography of myself or my loved ones. This gives me lots of space on this blog to vent my love for the beautiful Earth.

I am Not a Nutritionist or Expert in Off-Grid, School-Free Life.

I’m a novice. I’ve been home educating for a few short years only, and I was schooled myself: and a teacher for twenty years. When my children quit school, I did too. This is new to all of us.

I’m sharing my own experiences of living school free, healing through food, and living off grid. None of the content on this blog is expert advice. It’s a personal account including what works (and doesn’t) for me and for my family, and what I personally believe. For full copyright and disclosure details for this blog, go here.

Really Like Chocolate. And I Will Never Give It Up. Ever.